Astonishingly New Models of Slingbox-350 and 500 in the Market


It is rather extremely hard to comprehend how a rumor suddenly gave way to release and official announcement of Slingbox models- the 500 and the 350. Only a week back we heard the slice of the first new and soon after the launch date!

About Slingbox 350

Slingbox 350 is the better affordable option as compared to the Slingbox 500 and gives you complete HD streaming in 1080p resolution and IR emitters. It is surprising that there is not ATSC tuning facility, but it is surely an advanced version of the other models.

About Slingbox 500

The Slingbox 500 is the advanced option and contains the host of other features other than the ones present in the Slingbox 350. It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi, Storage capacity in USB, as well as HDMI video parts. It works with a remote.

Sling Media has given us surely a certain degree of mobility in enjoying our favorite movies or music. Now we can watch the DVR content while away from home and enjoy out favorite music on Sling Player. This gadget is surely a surprise, but the prices are still not available-Fans will have to hold their patience until 14 October to know the prices.

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