Bluetooth Headphones Buying Guide For Running


Most of us are getting very health-conscious nowadays. There are many among us who go for regular walks and jogs. There is also a large part of that population that loves to listen to music as they walk or run. Here is a nice Bluetooth headphones buying guide, especially useful for running.

You are well aware of the huge number of Bluetooth earphones, earplugs and headphones available to you in the market today. How do you choose the best from among them? On what basis do you select your particular sports headphone? Check out the list of requirements below.

Form Factor

Gone are the days when headphones used to be these heavy, cumbersome things that you had to lug around wherever you went. The Bluetooth headphones available today are light, portable and most importantly, absolutely wire-free.

You first need to figure out the exact reason why you will be using your Bluetooth headphone. Is it merely for walking or for actually running? Most headphones stay on firmly while you are merely walking or hiking. But the problem comes up when you are running.

In this case, your headphone needs to fit snugly into your ear, so that you can get the maximum audio clarity from your music player.

Weight Factor

Next, you also need to figure out how heavy or light you would want your Bluetooth headphone to be.

While most joggers prefer the most lightweight headphones, you should also see to it that it gives you the maximum utility value as well.


Style Factor

There is actually nothing like a standard “right” or “wrong” style of headphone. It all really depends on your personal preferences. Headphones come in four styles, namely, small and snug-fitting earbuds, sports headphones, ear-pad headphones and full-sized headphones.

Needless to say, sports headphones are the best for runners. But you may also like to check out the other styles, try them on and only then decide which one of them to purchase.

Here is an analysis of each type:

  • Earbuds

Earbuds, also referred to as in-ear headphones, usually come free with your music player or iPod. But you can also find high-performance earbuds that offer great sound quality and are good enough to give full-size models a “run” for their money (pun intended)!

Earbuds are either placed on the outer ear or can also be inserted into the ear canal. Some of these come with ear clips, which help them fit more securely.

While they are extremely portable and lightweight, the downside is that they can garble audio quality and also feel uncomfortable while used over longer periods of time.

  • Sports headphones

Also known as vertical or clip-on headphones, these are lightweight and securely attach themselves to the wearer, usually by means of an open-backed design. Others include head or neck bands.

While these are great for running, they may not be durable for too long. Plus, they may also end up putting more pressure on your ears.

  • Ear-pad headphones

These come with a closed design that completely covers the ears. While they are comfortable, they may not very effectively provide complete noise isolation.

  • Full-sized headphones

As the name suggests, they completely block your ears and are pretty heavy as well. Though they give great sound quality, it is more advisable to use them for home purposes rather than the outdoors, due to the fact that they are relatively more difficult to port around.

There are many brands and models of Bluetooth headphones for running. Check out all the products and make an informed choice.

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