Apple iPod- Celebrating 10th Anniversary Today


If there is one thing that changed the world of technology some 10 years back, then it would be Apple iPod and truly the iPod of today make the iPod of 10 years ago look like a total relic.

A Glorious Journey

Today is an occasion worth celebrating as it is Apple iPod’s 10th anniversary today which literally turned out to be a tidal wave of success for Apple. Long back in 2001, the new portable music player gadget was launched in a 5GB and 10GB model which amazed everyone with its storage capacity. With the launch of iPod in 2001, it gave Apple an unbelievable jolt and the company was able to reach to the mass market easily. In a nutshell, it gave Apple a bigger exposure!

iPod and iPhone

After the iPod, it was the Apple iPhone which revolutionized the world of technology and shook the mobile phone industry to the core. Today, every single person wishes to the owner of Apple iPhone and it has become a status symbol. So, it is the 10th anniversary of the music player you can’t live without, whether you are listening songs in your iPod or enjoying the MP3 collection of your iPhone.

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