Apple Offers a 16 GB iPod Touch for $199


16 Gb iPod TouchNow why would Apple do that? It is milking its existing applications and technologies. Obviously the new device has no hopes of running on iOS 8. 16 Gb iPod Touch will, however, have iOS 7, which can be a nice operating system for first time smartphone users.

Features and Specifications

Apart from iOS7 this new device includes a retina display of 4 inches. It also has A5 chip from Apple. But the reason this gadget is worth owning is because of exceptional camera related features and access to almost 1.2 million of applications. In fact, the device is to lure away digital camera users with over 200 camera related features including iCloud sharing, photo filtering, and image organization.

It facilitates downloading of books, movies, television programs, and music, which is exactly what teenagers look forward to. Its front-facing camera facilitates FaceTime communication apart from taking pictures of self. There is a rear camera of 5 MP as well.

Other Models

As of now, this gadget is launched along with two other models, i.e., 32GB and 64GB. The 32GB model carries a price tag of $249 whereas the 64GB model is being sold for $299 by the company. All these gadgets come with choice in color that will appeal to teenagers, such as pink, blue, yellow, red, and silver gray.

Even though mainly designed for teenagers, these devices will be ideal replacements for older models of iPod touch. As of now, the product is only available in the US but there are plans to launch this product line in other parts of world.

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