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A lot of us like to go jogging with our iPods plugged into our ears. But many users face related problems such as sweat, noise and annoying instances where the earphones or earplugs slip and fall off the ear, forcing them to pause in between their running schedule, so that they can plug them right back on. While Apple’s white earplugs that come packaged along with the iPod are fine for walking, they are not exactly great for runners. Here are some other alternative earphones you can use with your iPod while going on your regular run.

The most important qualities that you should look for in your earphone should be as follows:

  • Comfort
  • Slip-proof stability
  • Wind and sweat resistance
  • Easy to carry around
  • Good sound quality

While traditional headphones can stay on for long hours, they are not at all comfortable while running, especially with sweat pouring down the sides of your temples. So you need to look at something much lighter and comfortable. In-ear phones are what are most sought-after today. You could try one of these.

Here is a brief review on some of the most popular sports earphones you could use on your iPod.


  • Koss Stereophones



Koss offers you great quality earbuds and earphones, which can be discreetly clipped away behind the ear. The earbuds are light and comfy and are great for both outdoor and home use. The sound quality is second to none. This advantage eliminates the need for a headband to hold the accessory in place. Koss earbuds are ranged from $4.99-$19.99.

The behind-the-head earphones from Koss clip on behind the ear and give you great sound. You have many styles to choose from. Pricing of this accessory starts at $14.99. You can even pickup a wireless earphone for $299.00.


  • V-MODA



The earphones from V-MODA are solid, very lightweight and extremely convenient to use while running or working out. These high-fidelity earphones come in eight bright colors and can be used on any iPod. These earphones also offer external noise reduction, thereby giving you natural and clear audio.

V-MODA earphones come with three sizes of soft silicon fittings to give you that most comfortable fit into the ear. This accessory comes with the Modawrap cable manager, which lets you adjust the length of the cable and also makes it tangle-free. This is available for $50.00.



  • Etymotic ER-6i



The Etymotic ER-6i earphones are known for their supreme comfort and great sound quality while outdoors. Additionally, they provide noise isolation, good bass and noise filtering while you continue with your jog or workout.

Each pair of earphones comes in a transparent case, triple white rubber flanges and white cords. You can also choose the foam ear tips that are included in the package. The ER-6i also includes a small white plastic clip that can be attached to your clothing.

The three ribs of silicon attach securely to your ear, effectively blocking outside noise. This gives you clear sound even while running, without in any way distorting it.

The Etymotic ER-6i is priced at $18.99, which is definitely value for money.

There are many other iPod earphones for runners available in the market. Browse the Web, compare prices and then make your final choice.


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