Iphone 5 to Upgrade Camera and Lens – orders placed with Taiwanese Supplier


Taiwanese supplier to supply LED flashes to Apple for iPhone 5

Apple has gone in for a major shift of its camera and flash features from its regular suppliers to a new Taiwanese supplier. The news came amidst confirmations that Apple iPhone 5 is set to have a disjointed camera and flash, one on either side of the gadget. The company is said to have contacted a firm in Taiwan for LED flashes. This can only mean that the new phone is going to have a remodeled and upgraded camera. Speculations are on that Apple has built over the loopholes in iPhone 4 for its new release. As per sources, production of the phone will probably begin in July.

Apple changes its major camera elements suppliers

The new concept of separating camera and the lens is a move to improve picture quality and to reduce the “red-eye” effect. Apple needed to make changes in its sensor in order to improve its camera function. It is in this regard that it has shifted the order from Philips to a Taiwanese firm. In iPhone 5, it is likely that an eight-megapixel CMOS sensor will be used. The supplier for this element is Omni vision. The decision to use Omni Vision instead of Sony is also a major shift.



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