iPod Nano Wrist Watch: Apple Introduced Facelifts


Apple has come up with new clock faces for its iPod Nano. Apparently Apple has realized that the size of the new iPod Nano is same as that of a wrist watch. Together with companies like iWatchZ and Lunatik; Apple is promoting iPod Nano as a wrist watch as well. Lunatik and iWatchZ are coming up with new straps especially designed for iPod Nano. The price range of these straps is quite large hence targeting all demographics. Lunatik’s straps cost is in between $40 to $100, while iWatchZ is selling it in between $25 to $90.

A Range of Choice

Apple realizing the potential and has offered 16 new clock faces. These faces are of different styles ranging from Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog to traditional and modern digital faces. The new iPod Nanos will have these faces when the iPods are bought.

As a Fitness Tracking Device

Nano has also come out with a fitness tracking device. Apple and Nike both have come up with a build in accelerometer that gives progress of the fitness routines. The software can also be connected to Nike+ program for keeping records and checking exercise details. Some machines are also now having an option of compatibility with Nike+iPod.

The 2011 iPod Nano is same gadget as that of last year with very few additional features. However the prices have been reduced somewhat and the new wrist watch capability is now being introduced.

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