Rumors Springing up for iPod Touch 6th Gen and Apple Watch


iPod Touch 6th GenerationDespite that, the lots of fans are waiting to get an update about the iPod Touch of the 6th Generation but they failed to get one. However, this time again some rumors about the new iPod Touch are springing up.

About Fresh Rumor

Customs Today is alleging a new story about the release dates of the upcoming gadgets like Apple Watch and iPod Touch. According to this rumor, the next-gen. iPod Touch could be debuting in the market by early spring of 2015. However, it has been also speculated that Apple will also go to launch the iOS 8.2 version by that time.

Speculation for Features

This music-centric device will be having the features somewhat similar to the iPhone 6. It may be housing the same A8 chip of 1.4 GHz and the users will not be allowed to make the calls. Gadget lovers are quite crazy about the screen sizes and it is not clear whether it would have either 4.7 or 5.5 inch display like the other iPhone devices.

Moreover, according to the custom reports Apple Watch is scheduled to arrive not earlier than Fall 2015. Some of the outlets are even postulating that Apple is going to launch Apple Watch as a gift for the next years Valentine’s Day.

Until the two gadgets are launched, the rumor mills will be churning out the new rumors so let us wait and watch for the launch of these two gadgets.

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