Super batteries for Gadgets


What really seems like expect the unexpected? Yes, in this growing technology you imagine and find it a reality. Soon we will have the technology to charge your latest gadgets in just a few seconds. The great personality Dan Li leads this University and said this in a recent indoor ceremony. He is so excited about these super batteries.

Chemical combination:

After a long research, Li found a simple combination of Water and Graphite. This combination will work equally with lithium ion cells. The researchers are using a substance called graphene. Graphene could be used as an advanced and fast power storage system. Once they can properly do, we could charge our mobile or iPhone in few seconds. How it sounds, we can charge our mobile in just a few seconds?

Features and advantages:

The future super battery will be at cheap rate as the used materials are not expensive. The graphene comes out from the graphite normally used in pencils. It is a cheap stuff. We all know well that, graphite is a good conductor of electricity and has an excellent surface. This combination will highly meant for power storage factor. The whole team will shortly disclose this highly awaited application with a perfect device.


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