The Apple iPod Nano: One for the Athlete


The all-new iPod Nano is a pocket wonder. This credit card sized gadget is the world’s thinnest iPod that is specially designed for athletes. Easy to carry and clip on, the Apple device comes with several smart features such as a pedometer and workout tracker, to help you better your performance. Designed with anodized aluminum, the iPod Nano, comes with an FM radio that connects you to the outside world.

A quick look at the device:


The super sleek, 5.4mm thin iPod Nano is designed with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to a wireless network for headsets. Specially designed Nike, Speed, and Distance App can track your performance even while you are walking down the streets of Chicago. Therefore, now you can track down your workouts easily to watch your training progress.


A 2.5-inch multi touch display is almost double the size of the previous iPod Nano for easy picture viewing and button handling. Amazingly designed earplugs, called EarPods have been researched and tested for a comfortable fit with a fantastic sound effect. Available in seven bright colors, the iPod Nano, costs just $149.

This is quite an enjoyable gadget to be given as a gift to your loved ones on this New Year.

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