The Out of Box Photos of New iPod Touch Revelead the Price for $229


You can now get hold of the Apple iPod Touch that is seen with the ‘NEW’ tag in the market. Even though the model is not claiming a long fan following but still since it is a budget smartphone gadget it is sure to draw interest. The new model is the budget friend phone and has gotten some changes as compared to the previous edition.

Comparison of the present and the past

We saw the first iPod Touch devices back in 2011 but over time they have evolved. Now we get a choice of color between black and silver, it is thinner and sports a 4-inch retina display. So this will definitely enhance your browsing experience over the 3.5-inch models and added icons.

The Hardware

The hardware is Apple A5 chipset in the iPhone S and iPad 2. The model is running on the iOS 6.1.3 with features like Passbook and Siri. But why is the price being cut down? Well the price has been cut down because the storage capacity [pulled down to 16GB] and the camera has been compromised.

But rest all comes similar, and the device has ear pods and connectivity.

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