Samsung Testing its New Line of Vacuum Tube Audio Docks


Samsung, the electronics giant which is known for its constant innovation and flair for introducing unique products in the market, is now testing its new line of audio vacuum tube docks. Now, you might wonder why I am making such a big deal of an audio dock. This is supposedly one of the most common audio player accessories available, right? Well, the fact of the matter is that the new Samsung speaker dock, also called the DA-E750, is very different from the usual ones currently available for sale.

For one, this dock plays with both Apple’s iOS devices plus the Galaxy S smartphone as well. It is not every day that one can find an audio dock system that supports two types of devices. Normally, one would expect to easily find dock support for iOS devices. But this one is great, as it offers dual support for iOS plus Samsung’s very own Galaxy S line of smartphones. Well, wonder why not many thought of this idea before.

The other unique thing about the Samsung DA-E750 is that it is setup with a hybrid vacuum tube system, which Samsung claims, will enhance the entire audio experience for the user.

The Samsung DA-E750 is a nice and shiny 2.1 channel dock. Surprisingly, the device uses the earlier analog technology that is very rarely used today, and that too, only for special audio products. The vacuum tubes produce clearer, warmer sound than most of the electronic audio gear available today. Of course, there are those who would debate this point, saying that the audio files would have to be of very high resolution to make a considerable impact.

In addition to all of the above goodies, the new Samsung vacuum tube dock offers one other useful feature – it includes inputs for USB and composite cables. What is more, this new audio dock also comes with support for wireless playback via Apple’s AirPlay as well as Samsung’s AllShare. Hence, you can enjoy playback of both your iOS devices and Samsung Galaxy devices, without having to go through the hassle of connecting more wires. Pretty cool, huh?!

There are yet no details on the pricing or the availability of this product. But we do expect to see this one being featured prominently on the CES this year, which is only a few days away.

In the meantime, click here for the detailed Samsung Press Release on its new DA-E750 vacuum tube audio dock.

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