Scan and Match – A New Feature recently added on Google Play Music


It has been almost one year when Google introduced its Google Play Store for music lovers. They added lots of songs in their music services including the hits from big music houses like EMI and Universal etc.

Introduction of Scan and Match Service

Now, Google added a feature which helps user in finding the music of their taste on Google Play Music store. It lets the users to upload the song files they like directly on cloud on a specified file/folder. Later on, whenever user wants he/she can just listen the song with the help of some online streaming music players.

You must login into your Google account while uploading and listening the music. For the time being, you can store up to 20K music files on your Google Play Music account. And the time consumed for the uploading completely depends on your net speed as well as the size of that particular music file.

This scan and match service is quite alike with the matching services offered by other leading music stores from Apple and Amazon. Apple is offering iTunes Match as well as there is a Cloud Player service from Amazon.

However, Google is offering this service for no cost. In case of Apple or Amazon the user has to pay a subscription fee of approx USD 25 each year.

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