Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 Beta: Quick Glance at Features


Adobe’s latest release Photoshop CS6 Beta is a new generation photo editor that allows creative editing. It offers you with features like replicating an object, replacing it, and even changing the background.

Features of CS6 Beta

It was launched on the official Adobe Labs website this Wednesday and is available as a free download. The final release of this Beta software is expected by the next half of this year. It also offers “3D editing” and image analysis quantitatively. However, these features will only be included in the priced version of CS6 to be released by the second half of 2012.

David Howe, Director reported in a blog that Beta CS6 has been created keeping in mind all the lessons learnt from the past releases. We have focused on its architecture, design, and laid better emphasis on GPU use.

In the same post was also reported that this magnificent creation was a result of midnight hard work and tequila.

Content Aware Tool

This new CS6 has “Content Aware” tool, which is the most highlighted feature of this software. It allows you to shift a person from a particular scene and replace it with some other background.

GPU use helps work faster in re-sizing and filter of the content. It makes video editing also possible which was earlier included in the priced version but now is available in the standard version too.

Some new features of this Photoshop include blurring effects, clearer fish eye, and panoramic clicks.

It is possible to download the standard version of CS6 to your gadgets by logging in with Adobe ID and matching it with the serial number present in the Photoshop copy. According to Adobe will protect software against counterfeit and reduce the bizarreness of losing boxed copy.

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