Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta released for free usage


It has been quite some time since the major release of an Adobe Photoshop. The only update that was even close to a major one was the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended which opened up a few extra features such as content-aware fill, HDR imaging, 3D extrusions and a few others. Nevertheless, it is about time that a new update was announced and it is in the form of Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Before you get up and check out the Adobe website for the update, you should first know that they have released only the Beta version of the application as of date. The final program has yet to be announced but Adobe has allowed potential customers to get a taste of what the new version of Photoshop can do. One of the few things that you’ll quickly notice is the difference in the look as compared with the previous version of Photoshop. In addition to that, a new feature which is called content-aware patch is something to look forward to on this version of Photoshop.

These aren’t just the only features that are available on the new Photoshop. You can definitely check this PDF file for more information on what has been improved since the last two years.

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