An App for Locks and Keys – KeyMe for iPhone


Have you ever happened to stay out of the house because it is locked? If you had experienced this, then surely you would have paid hundred dollars for making a new key from the locksmith. Now, with the iPhone app KeyMe, you can save money. This app offers comprehensive information on cutting a new key to the locksmith. KeyMe does not open the locks for you, but it scans the keys and a duplicate key can be made in no time, easily.

How Does the App Work

The users of iPhone gadget can scan the keys in the app and make it available in the kiosk. The scanned copy can be stored with friends and family. The same can be copied through the mail to the kiosk or taken to a locksmith, and immediately key can be made easily, and you pay a few dollars.

Scanning the Key

Place the key on the white background and the iPhone is to be held, in a position to be away for 4 inches. The app takes front and back shot of the key. The users need to remember that the scanned key is the replica only if it is considered under these criteria; else, it may not be useful. There is a dual verification feature, which includes credit card verification. The privacy is secured. The users can also use the app to locate a locksmith or can contact a kiosk if the user is in New York.

Right now KeyMe is available for only iPhone, but certain teasers are telling that soon it will have an Android and Windows version too.

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