Android and iPad Apps Released by Pinterest


Pinterest, a social networking site, has released iOS app version 2.0.1 and Android app 1.0.2, which now support the iPad. It was revealed in the Pinterest’s blog that the apps are working well on android tablets and is not depending on the speed, cost, and screen size of these gadgets.

New iOS and Android apps are Invite free

Earlier users had to wait for the invite from a friend or the site for signing up for the new upgraded android and iOS apps. Now these iOS and Android apps are invite free so users can sign up anytime. However, not all the changes done by the App interface are counted as positive for the users. Before the update, the interface was designed as one column, but after the new iOS update the interface is changed into two columns.

User’s ratings for the new apps

Although these apps are receiving low ratings from the users, but it may be temporary as many users find the multicolumn view faster and liable to few crashes. Users can see up to four pins on the screen, which increase the speed of repinning. With the help, of these new apps creation of new pins has also become easy.

All these changes and updates are suitable for the PInterest.

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