3 Best and Free IM Applications For Android Mobile Phones


Instant Messaging is always fun and who doesn’t wants to connect with his friends through his mobile phone? I guess everyone love to use Instant Messaging Applications on mobile phones.

If you’re an Android mobile phone user and if you haven’t figured out the best IM application for your Android phone till now, then this post will surely help you in choosing the right application.

Here is the list of Top 3 Free IM Apps for Android mobile phones -

#1. Fring -

fring android

Fring is the most powerful and amazing Instant Messaging application. With the help of Fring, you can sign-in to your SIP, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM and other accounts.

You can also make free voice calls to your online friends. Fring also allows video calling on phones which supports 3G/4G and Wi-Fi.

Here is a review from a Fring user -

I’ve tried them all and the fact is I always use Fring. Skype offers better voice quality but is limited to Skype only. Nimbuzz has a great interface but voice calls don’t always work. The fact is Fring works even when on a very bad connection and it is the only one that really works across protocols. You can make and receive voice calls with Google Talk, SIP and using their own Fring network. Unlike the competition, this one always works.

Download Here.

#2. eBuddy Messenger -

eBuddy messenger android

eBuddy is yet another fast and reliable IM application for the Android mobile phones. It allows you to connect with your Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, Facebook and a few other accounts. eBuddy is a good messenger application but some people don’t like the idea that it displays the eBuddy logo when they sign in to any of their accounts with this application. A lot of people want to use their own display pictures at times but that is not possible for now.

Here is a review from an eBuddy user -

I have now tried several instant messaging applications and I finally decided to go with eBuddy. It is quick and has got a very nice user interface. File upload is not possible, but I can compromise on that because the application is very fast and responsive.

Download Here.

#3. Nimbuzz -

Nimbuzz Android

Nimbuzz is a good IM application and the best part is that it doesn’t send or receive large volumes of data over you internet connection. So, if you’re on a limited plan, you can save your money by using this application. There are some issues with the signing in and signing out, voice does lags at times, but it does provide a good quality skype call. This application provides a good platform to connect with your Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, Gtalk and other friends.

Here is a review from a Nimbuzz user -

Not Perfect, BUT this seems to do a better job of making skype calls for me than the official skype app dose at the moment, also improves with every update!

Download Here.

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