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Android MGoogle’s annual I/O event is a much-awaited developer conference that the gadgets world looks for. Many technological developments are unveiled at the event. This year, Google is expected to launch Android M at the event. But the market is in no mood to wait. Its curiosity is fed by leaks. Latest leak on Android M is related to its photo feature.

Expectations aligned with leaks

Leaks before this latest leak about Android M have indicated that Google is concentrating on “Android for Work”. The object is to differentiate between “work” and “play” without changing the device. Actually, Google may offer many work-related apps that Blackberry offers. Correspondingly, security would also need to be improved. Therefore, the market expects improvement in authentication processes, as well as “Smart Lock”. Gadgets world also expects some voice control features to be integrated with the Android M.

Implications of the latest leak

The most recent leak is from Android Police, which is doing more of a detective journalism rather than any policing. The leak revealed new user interface for Photos app. Google is adding a pinwheel-shaped animation to help people set up this app. The leaks contained several screenshots of the supposedly new Photos app user interface. It may be possible to search for objects, pets and even people with the app. Also, this app in Android M may considerably improve the management of photos on the device.


Google is now targeting a market that exists. Ever since Blackberry ceased to catch up with Apple and Google, its market has become vulnerable. Photos app in the new Android M may have more to offer than what the market knows or is fed with. Since 28th is not too far, waiting for the company to announce the features may be better because then, expectations would not lead to any disappointments.

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