Adobe will not be functioning on Android with Chrome


As the launching of chrome for android beta has stirred up the Android market, chrome would be working with Android 4 gadgets, as well. This new chrome will be accompanied with many improved features with facility of fast internet surfing. However, it is the law of nature, to keep balance. There are some setbacks along with the new features of Chrome for Android. New Chrome in Android will not be happy news for Adobe flash lovers.

Good Adobe no more in the Chrome for Android

Apart from Android, which supports Adobe flash player, Adobe, will not support the Chrome for Android. Adobe said in its announcement of not supporting for chrome, it gave a shock to Android consumers that, Adobe will no longer develop Flash Player for mobiles from this November. HTML- 5 standards would be the mostly concentrating area for Adobe.

Extensions not yet supported

Chrome for Android Beta will not be supporting facility for multiple extensions of browsers, like Facebook notifications, password managers also ad blockers. This is not the final news, Google is working on the chrome, to facilitate these features to Chrome for android also.

Chrome only for Android 4

Another sad news is, Chrome will be supported by Android 4 gadgets only, this implies you can access chrome only if your acquire Nexus S, Asus Transformer Prime or Galaxy Nexus. Updates of Gingerbread & Honeycomb are gone news for this year.

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