Android Updates of Lollipop OS will be Soon Rolling out to Nexus and Moto Devices


Android LollipopExisting android devices are going to receive updates of Google’s android operating system Android Lollipop. The first users for getting the over-the-air updates will be those who own the Nexus 5, 7 and 10 Wi-Fi version devices.

Tweet Revealed the Details

The official twitter account of android gave the information via a tweet that said that very soon all the Nexus gadgets will be receiving the updates. Lollipop will be rehearsing on the Nexus devices for many weeks. Apart from the Nexus devices Motorola is also preparing to update the second generation Moto G and Moto X devices to make it compatible with the Lollipop updates. Last week the updates were expected to roll out, but it was withheld by the Google to fix the bugs that were draining out the devices battery.


The users of the other devices are warned to take precautions if they are eager to receive the updates of the Google’s latest operating system. However, it has been suggested that users must take up the back up of the data of their devices before trying to experience this operating system. Flashing of the devices is a must and the data could not be carried over unless it is back up and restored.

Moreover, on Monday LG has informed for the G3 phone devices, the Lollipop updates would be soon rolling out.

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