Cluzee is the perfect Siri Alternative


Those of you who have been looking for an Android Siri alternative, there is good news for you all. Cluzee is the answer to all your questions.

What Cluzee Offers

Though Cluzee lacks some of the services like Plex media but it does offer services like core voice that Siri offers. One such cool feature is Cluzee helps you read your schedule. For example; if you have an appointment with your doctor then Cluzee would tell you in advance if there is an issue on the road and it would help you reach on time. Apart from that, the app also does reading of email and reads the text message aloud to the user. Also, user’s speech can be turned into a text or e-mail.

Well, a Cool App

The app is really cool and do so many cool things like it will do the search if you will tell it to do. The icing on the cake is; the cloud-based version of the app is in progress and it will support any phone, computer or tablet gadget that has a web connection which is pretty amazing.

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