Enhance security with Lock Cam app on your android


Did you hear of the new Lock Cam from Lookout? It is an updated app now that will add a lot of assistance in case one has lost his android. In case there are too many passwords being used to unlock, the android will take a snap of the user from the front camera. It will be mailed to the owner then.

Connected to the Lookout database

The app connects the mobile with Lookout.com where the theft is registered with the snap. Additional information can be acquired from the official website by the user like where the cell is situate at that point of time.

Pay $30 subscription annually

This app will be available at Google Play Store to the users by paying only thirty dollars in a year. This is surely nothing exorbitant and one can surely give it a thought as security measures. The Cell will also display a message of the users contact with this app.

If you are hesitating to spend the money upfront on this app then, you can download the 2 weeks premium trial from the Google Play Store. Lookout has given a two week free trial on your android gadgets for the time being.

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