Facebook launches Messenger app for iPhone, Android


It’s fantastic news for iPhone and Android users! Facebook has launched a mobile app on Tuesday that lets iPhone and android users send instant messages to different groups and individuals, as well. The name of this instant facility is Facebook Messenger.

A Separate App

On one of the social networking site’s blog, Lucy Zhang, a Facebook engineer has announced Messenger as a separate app through which messages can be sent or received in a one click. People will receive messages in texts and notifications within no time on their smart phones.

She informed that the program can be reached all your contacts, whether at Facebook or on your mobile contact list, just type the person’s name and send it. The iPhone users can easily get this app through App store and android users via the Android Market. Users can get better information on Messenger at Facebook’s help page.

Features of this App

Zhang was the co-founder of Beluga that Facebook purchased in the previous spring season, and it formed the basis for Messenger. It has become so easy to see all the messages in one place, including chats, email or text messages. Actually, Messenger app is an extended version of Facebook messages.

The importance of this app is further witnessed when one is moving, it’s so easy to create a group chat, add your site on the map and find each other. Just imagine! It could be so funny sharing photos on your gadgets and getting the comments about your evening look.

Add more and more collection of photos to your Messenger; you can attach a picture to your group conversation too.

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