Fast Burst Camera Shoots Multiple Photos on Your Android Devices


Mobile photography has picked up it pace with the rise of the smartphone generation. An Android app called Fast Burst Camera will allow you to take photos in burst mode. So now, you can capture multiple shots in quick succession even if your camera does not support it. The app is free and does its job pretty well.

Burst Mode

Fast Burst Camera works darned much like the high end HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III. You can capture multiple shots even at 30 frames per second if that is supported by the phone’s camera. The app works by taking many snaps and storing them in memory and after you finish shooting you will have it saved in the internal memory or SD card a process that can take some time.

App Features

The app comes in two flavors- a premium version costing $4 and a free ad version. You can specify the resolution of the photos shot through the app and the maximum buffer memory to be used. The pro version has many additional features like zoom, autofocus, and disabling of the shutter sound. The app performs precise, but it is not as good as the burst mode on those high-end gadgets.

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