Firefox for Android Impresses All


firefox for android

firefox for android

The beta version of Mozilla Firefox in the Android platform has seen a significant procession of updates over the last few weeks, and Mozilla has announced that the beta version has been upgraded to a stable version with performance upgrades and many other features.

What will you find in it?

The new Firefox web browser for Android will have HTML5 and Flash support and sports a revamped look with a redesigned tab and welcome page. The ‘awesome page’ will now display all your favorite websites of your choice, in addition to the most recently, opened tabs. The address bar has also been enhanced to display most recent searches and websites visited. Now you can also switch between tabs and windows easily. Synching bookmarks across Firefox in mobiles gadgets and PCs are now possible.

Why all the Fuss

The Firefox browser is extremely fast and that is what about double as fast as the Android browser in smartphones. Firefox says that the improvements can be attributed to the Eideticker benchmark. The Play Store is not yet available inside the Android Firefox ecosystem but will appear soon promises Firefox. A look at the beta version itself is evidencing enough to see how fast this Android browser is.

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