Firefox on Android: Announced New Interface to Boost up Firefox Performance


Unlike Safari, Mozilla Firefox is quite rare on mobile phones and Smartphones and that is why Mozilla has decided to introduce whole new Firefox on Android user interface that will serve great performance.

Increased Processing Time

According to Mozilla, Firefox on Android is a critical part of supporting the open web. The all new Firefox interface is certainly going to speed up Firefox on Android gadgets, which ultimately implies less memory usage as well as quick start-up and smoother panning as well as zooming. When it comes to compare Firefox with the integrated browser on Android, the very first factor which matters is the start-up time because it is seen that Firefox generally gets out of the memory pool if sits ideal for a long time.

Whole New Interface

In an interview with Nightingale, he said after substantial discussions we have decided to introduce a new version of Firefox on Android with the all new interface. It’s only the interface which will change; otherwise the browser will continue using the underlying Gecko engine for processing Web page elements. Nightingale said; by the end of next week we will be clear with the work ahead in our minds.

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