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Facebook has recently launched an app named “Facebook Home” for android users. Android users now can download this app on their gadgets and convert their android gadgets into a Facebook Phone; however, it won’t have all the Facebook functionalities but yeah, it’s very close to that.

So far, Facebook Home is not available for each android gadget but only a few ones; two leading HTC models – One X and One X Plus and to models from Samsung – Galaxy S III as well as Galaxy Note II are supporting this application for the time being.

Well, here is a model from HTC named “HTC First”, released on same day as of Facebook Home, is available with Facebook Home app preloaded. And, two other smartphones, Galaxy S IV and HTC One, will have this app in upcoming future.

Although, this android app is not available for every smartphone but Facebook is working on further updates so that other android users too can enjoy this app on their smartphones. And yes, Android tabs will have Facebook Home update sooner or later, as per Facebook resources.

So, if you own the smartphones mentioned here then you should head out to Google Play Store and download this fabulous app for free. Enjoy your brand new Facebook phone.

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