Google allowing in-app payments to compete with iOS


In-app payment might be a normal thing especially to those that are using iOS devices. This is because there are a lot of applications that are now taking in-app payments so that people can get their hands on some extras available on these applications. The concept isn’t strange as it has been available for quite some time in applications present in Facebook and in a few other websites as well. It is often more convenient as compared with having a separate store to do all of the purchasing.

It seems that right now, Google is already allowing its Android users to do in-app payments for their devices. However, it is the developer that has to embed the codes needed so that the user can utilize this feature already present in the Android Developer code. This feature is called the Google Play In-app Billing. This comes after Google decided to change the name of Android Market to Google Play instead to further distinguish it with the competition.

This feature doesn’t come for free because the company takes 30 percent of all purchases done on the in-app billing. In fact, users can pay with currencies such as U.S Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euros, Pounds and a few others.

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