Google in the Process of Expanding Google Wallet Services


Google has been pushing its Google Wallet service, a mobile service that uses NFC or Near-Field Communication technology to enable smartphone users to make a payment via their handhelds, therefore, negating the need for carrying a money-filled wallet at all times. Pleased at the positive public response this service has received from customers, Google now plans to further expand the Google Wallet service.

Google Wallet Launched – Make Payments With Your Phone

In order to enhance the reach of its Google Wallet services, the company is doing the following:

  • Google Wallet Acceptable at More Retail Locations

Google is now making its services available at many more retail locations in the U.S., than previously available. This technology, which ties up an NFC chip to the user’s credit card account, was initially available only at Subway and Walgreens outlets in New York and San Francisco. Now, many more popular retail outfits such as Jamba Juice, Foot Locker, The Container Store, American Eagle Outfitters, Macy’s, OfficeMax and Toys “R” Us, have joined into the fray.

  • Google Offers Coupons and Discounts for Android

Google has expanded this feature to Android smartphones as well. This means that shopping at the above-mentioned outlets with Google Wallet will allow Android smartphone users to redeem coupons and discounts and also earn reward points at certain locations. Some of these coupons will be available on the Offers tab of the Wallet mobile app.

  • Payments Handled by the Single Tap Feature

Users do not have to bother about making a payment or redeeming coupons or rewards for purchases made. The Wallet’s Single Tap feature automatically takes care of all the statistics involved in each transaction.

As of now, Google Wallet is available only on one phone – the Samsung Google Nexus S 4G. Also, it is only available on one mobile carrier – Sprint. We are hoping to see this feature on more devices and carriers soon.

Are you listening up, Google?!

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