Google Now Android to facilitate Third Party app


Google NowGadgets world would be delighted with the latest news from Google. The company has improved its Android app, which will form integral part of Google Now. The improved Android app will facilitate usage of third party apps on it.

Google Now

People are familiar with Google Now because it was released in 2012. The product generated cards to alert the users. The information on the cards was actually collated information from Google’s services such as Maps, Gmail, Search, etc. There are ample new apps out there and they have features that may serve the unique function. For this reason, Google has opted to enhance its Android app to facilitate the usage of almost 40 third party apps.

What are third party apps?

One of the most popular third-party apps is eBay. Other popular apps include Lyft, Pandora, and Ford. People are familiar with such apps on their laptops and PCs, and tend to use them with the help alternate operating systems for mobiles.

The improved version of Google’s Android App would indeed increase Google’s market share, especially through smartwatch route. Gadgets world is hopeful that Google will announce similar upgrade of iOS app as well.

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