Google Now App Adds New Entertainment and Travel Features


Android Personal Assistant App named Google Now is adding up new entertainment and travel features. Google Now, the personalized search app of Google, has now brought in half a dozen travel and entertainment features. The company aims at getting customers like the people watching the Soccer or the people, who are looking for a car after landing in a strange land.


Entertainment is increasingly becoming popular, and people use mobile devices to watch TV and get connected with other viewers. The other features that are included in this app are

  • News cards to find rental cars, concert tickets and shared commuting.
  • The public transit and TV now can identify music and program information, and new improved cards are included for the same.
  • New media releases can be searched using the reminders. Update of NCAA football scores can also be received.

Google Pulling up Information

The information is collected from all relevant sources of Google Services by Google Now app. All the relevant information taken is based on time and location of the user. So, the users using Google Now app on their gadgets will be directed to the car rental centre while using rental cards.

However, the users feel that Google is very much US centric, and it should expand the focus worldwide.

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