Google’s Android Wear app is nearly ready for Market


android wear appGadgetsworld has heard much about Android Wear app from Google. This app is for iOS devices. A companion app is necessary to use this app on Apple’s iPhone. The app facilitates some basic functions such as notification on Smartwatches.

Apple and App Store

It is not as if Apple does not allow other companies to develop apps for its devices and market them through its app stores. But Google’s app is likely to create a dilemma because it can be used on any Android device, whereas Apple watch competes with some of those devices. In fact, Apple has drastically reduced the production of devices such as Apple Watch, fearing the competition going ahead. Apple has also reduced competition to its devices in retail stores.

Google’s Relationship with Apple

The two companies have a history of differences regarding iOS and Google maps. Subsequently, Apple developed and starting using its proprietary maps. Android Wear app may be Google’s reply to Apple’s in-house maps.

Going forward, Android Wear app may pave the way for new ways of using Android devices. Apple may have little choice on this. However, it would have been nice if both companies had negotiated the development and decided on the boundaries. As things stand, there is a cold war in offing with Google likely to emerge a winner.

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