Google’s “Find My Phone” App Android Version Revealed


Android Device Manager Service that has been anticipated since a long time has been unveiled by Google. It will be available to customers sometime in the last of this month. Google Device Manager is the android version of Google’s Find My Phone service that helps in searching the lost or misplaced phone devices.

Utility of Android Device Manager

If you have dropped your nexus 7 while having a lovely meal at a restaurant, or you have lost your Galaxy S4 under the cushions of your sofa set this app comes handy to locate your gadgets. You just need to locate your device using the online map of the Device Manager.

Benjamin Poiesz, Android product manager, has informed that not only this app will help you in locating your device, but also in preventing the phone’s data to reach in the wrong hands. If you have lost your phone, you can erase all the data stored in your android device so that someone else will not copy your bank details or other crucial information.

Details About the Service

Users have to log-on to their Google Account to access the service and for availing this service you should have an android device of 2.2 or higher version. This app is on the same line as the Apple’s “Find My iPhone” service that has been available for the iPhone users since so many years.

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