Ice Cream Sandwich to come with new and improved killer features


Ice Cream Sandwich is the name for Google’s newest version of Android and it will be coming with a bang. There are a lot of exciting new features in addition to the improved graphical user interface which will again put the mobile operating system ahead in the market. It should have the advantage over its competitors the iOS and Windows Phone 7 as there are countless of manufacturers that support it due to its open-source nature.

One of the great feature on which will be revealed along with Ice Cream Sandwich is the facial unlocking which is until then limited to only to laptops and a handful of devices that has third-party applications installed. Now, this feature will be available natively on Android instead.

With the use of near field communication (NFC), Android phones can interact with each other by putting two of them side by side. Contact details and other information can be transferred willingly amongst each other without any hassles.

Voice navigation will also be made available on this version of Android and the new Maps will offer turn by turn navigation which would definitely be a good replacement for any dashboard GPS system that a user may have in his or her car.

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