In-app Subscription for Google Android Apps


When it comes to money, there are a lot of ways that you can use to make them. In the case of Android apps, the list is about to get a slot longer. This is because from now onwards, there is a new way of making money for developers and instead of charging users per-content, they can now charge users based on subscription as well.

One of the first few developers that will be paving the way for this type of payment is Glu which has already turning on subscription on their games such as Frontline Commando and a few others. It is also expected a lot more to turn to the bandwagon especially considering that they can definitely make a few extra bucks from this easy-to-use method.

There are also other methods that the developer can use to make money besides in-app subscription. They can also make use of the aforementioned in-app purchase as well as connect with the user’s carrier through the method called carrier billing. With this being said and done, subscription based applications will soon make use of this handy feature to let their customers pay their subscription fee instead of having them re-routed to the developer’s own website.

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