Inbox App Exclusive for Apple iPad Released by Google


Inbox AppGoogle’s inbox is the new way to organize the emails which was launched last October. The iPad users have found this an excellent way to stop the mail overloading. The Inbox version 1.2 has been launched by Google, which is meant exclusively for the iPad users. The app is a tablet-friendly app, for Android users which was released by Google last year. It also supports the Android wear gadgets.

How it differs from the rivals?

This is an app which would be added through invites only. So, the users need to be sent invites to test the system. The email organizing can be done by sorting out them in bundles, and the reminders are like card based. The apps work with the Gmail accounts only. The app will sort the emails of similar types of the bank statements or the tickets which will help in the better organization of the emails.

What happens to EMAPI v2?

As the answer to the IMAP email standard, this app was introduced last year by Google. Switching over to Gmail API soon is necessary for the gadgets owners as the EMAPI v2 will be called back on 1November of this year so it is better to switch on to the Gmail API.

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