Lenovo releases an Android App Store for enterprises


More and more companies are jumping to the app store bandwagon and like many other companies, Lenovo has decided to create one made specifically for Android devices. The difference between this and many other third-party app stores such as the Amazon App Store is that the Lenovo Enterprise App Shop is catered to a specific type of customers: enterprise.

This app shop is made specifically for Lenovo based tablets that run on Android 3.0 and above. All of the applications here are picked in a sense that all of them are fully compatible with their tablets. Lenovo also claimed that the apps are scanned from any malwares and is also vetted before it can be released to the app shop. This marketing strategy is almost the same with Apple’s on which the applications are first gone through a series of reviews before it is released to the public.

There is also a volume purchasing options which is definitely handy when it comes to an enterprise solution. However, we don’t find it necessary for Lenovo tablets to have a specific app shop just for themselves but then again, if it comes with promotions like what Samsung is offering, then we can’t see a reason for them not to have one either.

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