Memory storage is becoming easier with 5 GB by Dropbox Handing


The new Drop box is becoming handier as keeping files synchronized, and sharing public folder is so easy now. Friends and relatives can now share public folders constituting large files.

The new dropbox handing in the form of the beta version

The updating of the Drop box into newer beta version is certainly stirring up the curiosity level among the consumers. The new updated android gadgets will be given for trial with 5 GB of memory.

Initiation for improvement in the earlier version of Android app

The new beta is for improvement in the prior version of this android app. It is up to the users to determine the faults of the earlier version and let the makers of this gadget app know, so that more action can be taken in order to make this new version of android app more demanding. The new android app is being given to users with 5 GB to recognize the shortcomings of this android and develop further.

Initially you are provided with 500 MB at first sync, and then you have to upload 500 MB on your android to grow your account. The android applets will come with the upgrades; it is so because you can automatically download the photo into Drop box account by uploading pictures into your Smartphone. This gadget is easy to use can be worked with Wi-Fi also.

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