Now Android phone got Norton Mobile Security protection!


Computerworld is filled up with a sudden rush of stories about catching malware infecting Android tablets and phone gadgets!

Norton Lite from Symantec

Is there any way out to avoid your device from this malware threat, Symantec’s has just released Norton Mobile Security offering equivalent protection for Android as its bigger brother offers for PCs.

The best and powerful aspect of this free version, named as Lite by Symantec is its anti-malware module which enables you to secure your android device remotely, if it is stolen or lost.

Complete Protection against Malware

You will have to pay just small amount to deliver complete protection, as it takes only 15 seconds for scanning Droid X and 56 minutes to scan your SD card. It would cost you only $29.99 for getting more features of anti-phishing, remotely locating and wiping data from your device, in case it is lost. Moreover, your device is entirely at your control, and you can remotely block SMS messages and lock its SD card.

Locking your mobile’s SD card and remotely wiping and locating the device in the paid version will behave similarly as in the free version.

Various Mobile Applications and services market its entire services for IT and business managers without compromising for its security features.

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