Now Google Sky Map App Goes Open Source


Popular astronomy application in Android gadgets Google Sky Map has gone open source. But the downside is that Google will now cease to provide updates to the Sky Map app.

What the App Provides?

Google Sky Map has turned out to be an extremely easy way to read star maps in your Android gadget by looking at stars in the sky from the comfort of your backyard or terrace. The smartphone is pointed to the sky, and the camera image is overlaid with astronomical data, to point out constellations and stars that normally, is found difficult due to the changing night sky.

Six Google employees in company sponsored spare time as part of its 20% program and has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Android-Market developed the app. It is one of the first showpiece Android-Apps.

What is Next?

Google has officially announced that it will not be releasing any more official updates, which means that considerable development of the app has now ceased. The subsequent release to the open source world is sure to generate much developer interest; whether this will augur well for Android users, remains to be seen.

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