Now Wikipedia App is available for Android also


Initially, it was only iPhones that could support Wikipedia, but now Android will also help Wikipedia.

The new revolution

This modern world is a new revolution for android gadgets. The Wikipedia is free to download through android. The android market is providing access to this database for more than twenty million writings and articles in 280 and more languages. It can run on all the devices running the android 2.2 Froyo or up. You can save the articles for referring then offline. They can also share the articles. Articles in different languages can also be viewed.

Wikipedia blackout

This facility of android gadget led viewers to use Wikipedia during the entire black out on his Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012, that lasted for, 24 hours. Wikipedia was blackout to protest for SOPA, Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA, Protest IP Act. On the next day, 4.4 out of 5 stars was the average rating, so mainly it was a positive review, but complaints also followed with this good news, the GPS function was being used resulting in the drain of battery. The English version of the Wikipedia was black throughout the day, which filliped the traffic.

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