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Google is now sharply focusing on promoting its latest version of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich. More advanced and feature-filled, this is also more user-focused than the previous versions. Here is a review of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ice Cream Sandwich to come with new and improved killer features

 Ice Cream Sandwich

The latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich, while amazingly advanced technically, may not be very fun and entertaining for the user in general. It offers cutting-edge features though. Android is anyways a very powerful and versatile platform and, if you ask me, I definitely prefer the Android OS to the Apple iOS. Android has always been far ahead as concerns Navigation, Location, Notifications, Layers, NFC and so on.

In spite of being so advanced, the hallmark of Android, till the present, has been simplicity of use and extreme user-friendliness. But the Ice Cream Sandwich is quite different from all this. Extremely fast and responsive, it comes preloaded with fantastic apps as well, which tempt one to go straight for it. Packing in a powerful punch, the thing that will hit you most about this latest OS version is its speed.

Let us take a look at each of the features of the Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • User Interface

The UI enhancements to the latest version are subtle, yet stunning. Anything else tends to feel drab and dull in comparison – even Gingerbread, which had people raving about it. The UI is so designed that it takes no more than one little swipe to get back to your desired menu. The redesigned home screen is truly fabulous and gives you more options. The Recent Apps icon lets you switch functions and kill those that you do not need at that moment. General app navigation is also much better than before.

  • The People Feature

Gone is the usual Contacts feature. Ice Cream Sandwich gives you the People tab instead, which helps you connect to various services such as Google+, Twitter and so on. Of course, you also have a real address book here. The People icon looks pretty friendly, which indicates that Google is trying to look more inviting this time. The only problem is that this OS hinges far too much on Google+. Everything regarding social networking seems to start and end here. That is not just a wee bit annoying.

  • Camera Feature

The camera is probably this version’s best feature. Delivering amazing pictures each time, the camera’s shutter speed is jaw-dropping, as is the ease with which you can change to panorama mode. The video recorder is great too, offering you several effects that you can use to try and manipulate the original video.

  • Keyboard

The keyboard is yet another great thing about Ice Cream Sandwich. Very responsive and intuitive about predictive text, this is one thing users are going to love.

In Conclusion

Google has indeed put in its all to please the masses with its latest Ice Cream Sandwich. While it is really fast and amazingly powerful, somehow, I feel that it lacks a certain degree of friendliness which all the previous versions of Android have offered.

All said and done, Ice Cream Sandwich, while technically highly advanced, seems to be too perfect and too distant, like some super-perfect museum piece.

Am I being too harsh in my judgement? Have you tried the Ice Cream Sandwich? What is your opinion of the same? Do feel free to discuss your views on this forum!

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