Siri App is now available in the Android Market


After the release of iPhone 4S Siri, which is software for voice activation control, has been included in the iPhone 4. Actually, on the Android market Siri is just the re-branding of Android voice based functions with the addition of Siri Logo on it.

Is Siri worth for downloading?

For android, this new Siri app is a real gimmick and is not worth for downloading, because when one goes for this app he will be redirected to the “Google’s Voice Actions”, which is not a high quality Siri. Google is befooling the users for growing up its app market and highlighting such an inept application, which is an utter waste. It will enable the Android users play music just, use straightforward and easy commands, navigating a route, or sending a message.

Google should make quality control

Google, such a large asset based company should render some quality control in the marketplace, is not expected to be as striking as Apples but something close to it. This Siri was downloaded around 1000 times, and one can get his own conclusions after downloading it to their Android gadgets.

Siri’s general icon has been put on the Android home screen, to make it seem an “Official App”, but keep in mind it is all fakes and dubious!

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