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Users of Android smartphones have a wealth of free applications designed to show what their devices can do. As with benchmarks for the PC, mobile benchmarks are a series of synthetic tests that doesn’t reflect the actual performance but act in more of a guidance role.

We chose several popular tests that we recommend to those interested in graphics and the performance of the Android phones.

Quadrant Standard Edition

It is the most known and used benchmark application for phones with the Android operating system.

Quadrant Standard Edition tests the CPU, memory and the graphic chipset of Android smartphones with comparative graphical displays at the end of the test. Users can see their phone and where it is situated in relation to other Android devices.

For separate testing on components, you must be purchase the “Advanced” or “Pro” version of Quadrant. On the System Info section we can see information detailing the phone hardware.

Quadrant Global Rank

This is another complete benchmark application that helps us form a general idea about the performance of the device. The basic tests are the same as from Quadrant – processor, memory, graphics, 2D and 3D graphics. In addition, it provides a test of speed and memory card (read and write speed) and one for detecting defective pixels on the screen.



AnTuTu, despite the name being a bit hilarious, is a very well put together application and gives us some accurate results. Unlike Standard Quadrant, here we can choose what components we want to test.

The duration of a complete benchmark with AnTuTu is quite long. It amounts to about four minutes, while the remaining benchmarks (the default) are ready within two minutes.

The comparator is structured by test types, but suffers from a lack of major Android smartphones: Xperia Arc and HTC Sensation are only two of them.

Linpack for Android

It has a rudimentary interface, an interface that reminds us of the Prime 95 test for PC processors. Linpack for Android tests the Android mobile processors and displays their computing power expressed in MFLOPS (million floating point operations per second). However, many testers are contrary to the results and not considered relevant in everyday use.

RealPi Benchmark

An application that dedicates body and soul to the processor and memory installed on mobile platforms running Android OS. The name was not chosen randomly, RealPi is a method for testing these components is to calculate Pi up to 1 billion decimal places.

SmartBenchmark 2011

Can test the Android smartphones and establishes two important facts: one for productivity, the other for games. The comparative database is extensive and allows you to filter results by numerous criteria.

Other applications:

Android Market hosts other benchmark applications, some more advanced than those presented, but have the disadvantage of being traded against cost. Some examples:

  • Pro Quadrant;
  • Benchmark One;
  • CF-Bench Pro;
  • Linpack Pro.

To obtain correct results as benchmarks, close all applications that are not important. Some tests require an active Internet connection.

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