Top 5 Apps For Your HTC Hero Android Smartphone


The HTC Hero Android smartphone created waves in the market during its release and still continues to be equally sought after even now. This is the company’s third handset to be running Android, but comes without Google branding, which works to its benefit. HTC have set their own interface on the Android OS, thereby making the whole thing much simpler for the end user. Today, we bring you some useful apps for the HTC Hero, which will let you make the most of your wonderful smartphone.

  • Layar for HTC Hero Android

For those not in the know, Layar is based on “Augmented Reality”, implying a synthesis between the real world and the virtual world of the Internet, based on information services. The HTC Hero uses is GPS and compass to give you accurate info about your location, the direction you are headed and also uses its camera to give you a visual idea about your surroundings.

It also gives you landmarks such as hotels, cashpoints, stations and the like, and even shows you which of your friends are close by. Once you press on a location of your choice, it will give you its address, phone number, Website URL and all other details. Layar is expected to become one of the most popular apps for the HTC Hero Android smartphone.

  • Twidroid

The Twidroid is for those Hero(es) who are also die-hard Twitter fans. This app is great because it works really good and is also free of cost. Like other Twitter clients, you can use this one to @reply to other users and send them direct messages. You can additionally send users multiple feed links to the phone’s browser and play around with the other options available on this app.

  • Beebplayer

The Beebplayer is the Android version of the iPlayer, which works especially well on the HTC Hero. This app does what the iPlayer app does for the iPhone. The best thing about Beebplayer is that it offers support for two stream qualities, one for Wi-Fi and the other for 3G.

In theory at least, it can play live streams from both radio and TV and also catch all the popular programs that iPlayer does. Right now, it may be a bit shaky, but this app is bound to improve and do very well in the near future.


  • Locale

This is one helluva clever app, which can remind you to charge your battery, automatically switch to silent when you enter a cinema hall, post messages to Twitter, even let relatives know via SMS when you reach home.

Though this app might seem a little complicated at first, you will catch on soon enough to discover a world of possibilities with it.

  • Appmanager

The Appmanager app lets you back up all your apps to the microSD card on your HTC Hero Android smartphone. This lets you retain all your app in case you lose your phone or even switch phones. You can get the Appmanager app free of cost from the Android Market.

There are a whole lot of other useful apps for your HTC Hero Android smartphone. We have featured five of our faves. Try them out and tell us what you thought of the experience.


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