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Android has come to become one of the most popular and sought after mobile platforms today and more and more smartphone users now prefer to use the Android OS. It is always unfortunate when one ends up losing their smartphone, more so if it is something as expensive as an Android phone. God forbid this should ever happen to you, you have some nice nifty phone locator apps for your Android smartphone.

There are many phone locator apps out there and most of them are available free of cost. Here is a list of the top phone locator apps for your Android mobile device:

Where’s My Droid

The Where’s My Droid app is probably one of the best ever Android phone locator app. This is available for download in the Android Market. This one is good, since it gives the Android user many options to choose from. Starting with a humble basic app, this has now evolved and grown in leaps and bounds.

The latest version of this app can be accessed through both text and mail, thereby making it ring or even by gaining access to its location coordinates.

Once you use a code and configure the app as per your needs, your phone will either ring or send back GPS coordinates to you. The email feature is supported only by a few carriers, so you will have to check that out. Phone Locator

This one is a clever combination of Where’s My Droid plus additional account-based systems in place. This app works with SMS commands, like the previous one. Further, you may also choose to register an account so as to retrieve GPS info on a map.

One great feature of the phone locator app is that it can even be located with the help of Bluetooth enabled devices nearby. This is generally not the case with most other phone locator apps.

For all its advanced features, this app is also extremely easy to understand, setup and use. We give this one a thumbs up. Phone Locator

WaveSecure Mobile Security

This app contains a complete suite of features. You need to register an account to start using it. The unique thing about this app is that it works along with a buddy list, which will be notified the minute a different SIM is used on your stolen or lost phone.

You can track the exact location of your Android phone over the Web, and can even backup, restore and wipe the device remotely. This is a great convenience which not many other apps offer.

This locator app offers a free 7-day trial, after which you have to pay $19.90 per year. We still think it is worth it if it can bring back your costly phone to you.

Lookout Mobile Security

This phone locator app for Android also offers you a suite of features and even a virus scanner and phone backup service. Its entire range of services is also free to use forever.

With the Lookout app, you can locate your phone via GPS, cell towers or even by means of siren activation. You merely need to register an account online to get started with it all. The location reports are completely accurate and the app keeps up its promise.

There are many more Android phone locator apps in the market. We focused only on the above apps, as they give the user that much more than the others.

Lookout Mobile Security

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