Vonage Mobile releases app, free text and calls around the world


Competition is always a good thing for the consumer as it gives these people more options on which services to go. Skype for example, has been here for quite some time and it dominates the market as well. However, that doesn’t stop Vonage Mobile from releasing an app which allows users to call and text for free around the world.

Users can talk and text with each other for free provided that both parties use the apps at the same time. In fact, it utilizes the same concept as Whatsapp wherein it registers any of the contacts available in the users’ contact lists. As a result, it would save a lot of time in adding new names into the phone book.

The company behind it stated that customers may save up to 70% if they compare their pricing to the local operators or up to 30% when compared with Skype as well. Credits can be bought for $4.99 or $9.99 increments should there is a need for them. Good news for those in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico because for now, they are eligible to call people from these countries for free, up to 3000 minutes monthly. It should be noted that the app connects through Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks.

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