What’s there for Android Users in Latest Chrome Beta Update


Just today Google has released its latest version of Chrome browser – Chrome Beta. There are some good features of this update including some updates for android tab users as well.


If you are using an Android tab or Smartphone then you can now use full screen Chrome browser in your gadget. As you scroll down on a webpage while using Chrome Beta then you won’t see the Chrome toolbar; it offers more space for webpage viewing. And yes, it doesn’t distract your browsing experience too.

Along with this full screen feature there are some more features too; like rather easier search option. While using this search option you can always see your search query within the Omnibox therefore no need to open a new tab and enter google.com each time you search.

There is a new feature named certificate support which works on client side. And, if you press and hold the back key for a good time then you can view the web history as well. There are several other features included with this latest build of Chrome browser such as text-entry lagging, webpage flickering, and duplicate URLs inside the history.

If you want to read the complete change log then you can visit the official blog from Google for Chrome releases. And for downloading the update just head to Google Play.

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