‘Angry Birds’ Hitting The Android Market


Angry Birds

‘Angry Birds’ is one of the most popular mobile games which was not available for the android devices till date. At last, this game is going to hit the Android Market on Friday (today).

Its time for the Android users to cheer up, they will soon be able to play Angry Birds on their android mobile phones. The game is going to release officially very very soon, it is undergoing some final tests.

The game got good response from the android community and is expected to get even better response after the official release.

‘Angry Birds’ is going to be yet another successful Android Game. So, if you’re an android mobile phone user and if you love to play games, keep your eyes on the android market for the official release of this game.

[via ubergizmo]

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  1. Rakesh says:

    Man.. this game is looking quite cool.. do you have a android device…??

    i might be buying a bb or htc wildfire.. any other…??

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